Chestnut fencing is primarily used on farms but a lot of people are now using it for front fencing in and around their homes. It’s a good, solid fence that can be used to border off your property and allow the space to look open. It can either be paired with chestnut posts or standard morticed wooden posts.

Whether you have a farm or house, we cater to all clients and can fit chestnut fencing in your property.

Chestnut Fencing

Chestnut rails come in roughly 9ft 10″ lengths so less bays are needed than a standard fence – each rail is a different shape and size which gives it an edge on other fences and can look different to neighbouring properties. We offer a couple of options when installing this fence; you can either buy the materials yourself or we can source these for you (depending on the size of your property etc).

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Chestnut Fencing – Completed Jobs


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