Are you only looking for a small fence repair rather than a complete replacement? Our team offer free quotations on fence repairs and can guide you in the best and cheapest way to get your fence standing again. Whether it’s a concrete spur or a fence panel you need, we are able to help.

Sometimes a concrete spur is all that is necessary to get your fence standing and a spur will give you the best and cheapest option to get this done.

Concrete Spur vs Replacement Post

When the fence posts rots, you have two options available – option 1 is to get a concrete spur installed, option 2 is to change the fence post. We would also recommend option 1 as option 2 can lead to further damage of the fence. When changing a fence post, you would need to unscrew this from the panels and get the old post out without causing any damage to the existing fence. Option 1 you wouldn’t have this problem as you would only dig a single hole in front of the post.

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