Featheredge Fencing

Featheredge fencing is available with both concrete posts & gravel boards and wooden posts & gravel boards. It’s the most sturdy and solid type of fence available and comes in a range of heights (ranging from 4ft to 6ft 6″). Each featheredge bay spans around 3m long and is perfect for both domestic and commercial uses.

Our team work across Crawley, Horsham, East Grinstead, Haywards Heath and all areas local to us. We have our own team of installers and offer free quotations.

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Panel Fencing

If you decide to have panel fencing, the first decision to make would be what type of fence posts you are looking for. Whether it’s concrete or wooden, it’s import to know the pro’s and con’s. Concrete does last longer and gives the ability to easily change fence panels. However it does pose a security issue (with regards to sliding panels up).

The next decision to make would be to decide which panel you would like. The most popular types of panels are Closeboard and Larch Lap. Closeboard are thicker and stronger, offer the same style as featheredge and have a longer life. Larch lap are cheaper and paired with concrete slotted posts, can be easily changed.

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Chestnut Fencing

Chestnut fencing is primarily used across Farms in West Sussex but becoming increasingly popular with residential properties in and around Crawley. It gives a rustic look to your front garden and can keep the boundary of your property without being too enclosed.

The chestnut rails come in all different shapes and sizes and can be paired with chestnut posts to match or alternatively standard wooden posts.

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