There are a few options when it comes to having panel fencing. You can opt for Concrete slotted posts & concrete gravel boards and either go for larch lap (standard) panels or opt for closeboard panels; or alternatively you can opt for wooden posts as this is the most affordable. Depending on what you decide would depend on how much the fence would cost. We are happy to provide a range of options when quoting for your new fence.

Concrete Slotted Posts vs Wooden Posts

If you decide to go for panel fencing, you would need to decide whether to go for wooden posts or concrete posts. Concrete posts when paired with panels allow the panels to be lifted out the top of the fence and replaced with ease. This is a very common option now as once the posts are in place, you can change the panels to get a brand new fence. These are however more expensive than standard wooden posts.

If you did decide to go for concrete slotted posts, you would also need to look at this from a security point of view. Although this option is suitable, if your property is adjacent to a main road, people can slide panels up from outside your property to access your garden. If you did however want concrete posts but wanted to avoid this issue, I would choose featheredge fencing with concrete posts. Click here to read more.

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